At Free2Luv®, we believe that good prevails and every week we highlight someone around the world who is making a difference and honor them as our EXTRAordinary Peep of the Week.  Read about these awesome individuals, be inspired and let us know if you or someone you know should be our next Peep.

This week’s EXTRAordinary Peep of the Week is Youth Advocate and champion race car driver, Jenna Webster (AKA Lil Websta).  Jenna is passionate about ending bullying and is bringing the FRIENDS DON’T LET FRIENDS BULLY campaign to the racetrack.  At every race, she takes time to interact with kids and families to bring awareness to bullying prevention and spread kindness.  She is a true inspiration on and off the track.  Jenna, we think you’re quite extraordinary and thank you for helping us make the world a kinder one for everyone.