We're on a Mission

To ignite change.
To stand up to bullying.
To inspire the bravery it takes to speak up.
To celebrate individuality.
To support mental health.
To save lives through the arts.
To unite in LUV.

It’s time to take action to support youth, make a difference, and let the world know that LUV is stronger than hate. Join your voice with ours and take a stand. Your voice matters.

We’re glad you exist

Your mental health matters. Did you know over 85% of youth with mental illness go untreated? And LGBTQ+ and trans youth are especially vulnerable. We’re passionate about changing this devastating statistic by supporting youth. 

Our goal is to create impactful experiences where art and conversation collide to promote self-love and self-care, end the stigma around mental health, and provide a reminder that asking for help can be lifesaving. 

We successfully provide safe spaces and tools for youth to thrive, express themselves creatively, become more confident and compassionate, and turn their pain into power and purpose.

EXPRESS IT! Creative Expression Journal

To celebrate YOU and your well-being, we’re giving away EXPRESS IT creative expression activity books to anyone who would like to express themself through words, doodles, or drawings. EXPRESS IT! is, at times, an activity book, a trusted friend, a creative outlet, and a private journal designed to support your mental health. 

Express Yourself

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Over 400,000 have taken the pledge to end hate. Join your voice with theirs.

Take The Pledge

I believe LUV is STRONGER than hate and BRAVER than bullying.
I believe when we stand together, we stand strong.
I will be a voice for the voiceless.
I have zero tolerance for bullying or discrimination of any kind.
I am committed to being the best version of myself to create change.

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A Safe Place
 To Belong

We know how hard it can be to stay true to yourself in a world where it feels like everyone is telling you who to be. Please know others’ words and actions do not define who you are.

Your Voice Matters

The world needs difference makers. Each of us are responsible for being the change we wish to see. Join your voice with ours and take a stand.

Saving Lives Through
 The Arts

Through art, music, powerful storytelling, thought-provoking events and social campaigns, we are starting conversations and creating change.

You have the power to create change

Rock Your Individuality

When you wear our cause-inspired swag, you are uniting to end hate, stand up to bullying, and making a difference in the lives of youth.

Our Voice is Being Heard

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take a stand to spread luv and end bullying

We respect your privacy. We won’t sell or share your information.