Free2Luv 2018 DIFFERENCE MAKER Awards

Free2Luv Presents First Difference Maker Award at TOUR DE FORCE Benefit Event

Free2Luv launches their new DIFFERENCE MAKER awards on the red carpet at the UNSTOPPABLE: TOUR DE FORCE benefit event at the historic Regent Theater in downtown L.A. These prestigious awards will be presented annually to select Advocates who have played a vital role in advocating for Free2Luv and our mission in their communities.

The first award, DIFFERENCE MAKER was presented by host and Free2Luv Ambassador Jason Drucker to Free2Luv Advocate Lauren Suthers in recognition of her commitment and dedication to empowering youth and creating change in the world.

“Lauren has been an instrumental part of our Youth Advocacy program for the past four years and we are incredibly proud of the impact she is making in her community. Lauren facilitates our Free2BeME art empowerment workshops year-round for under-resourced youth providing them with a positive outlet for creative expression. Her magnetic personality and infectious enthusiasm allow her to connect with youth and peers alike on a heart level. A difference-maker by definition is ‘one who has an impact or effect; one who brings about change. We feel Lauren embodies the definition and we are very proud to be bestowing her with this honor,” says Tonya Sandis, Founder, and President of Free2Luv.

Free2Luv 2018 DIFFERENCE MAKER Awards.

Here are a few words from Lauren regarding the impact the Free2BeME workshop facilitation has had on her life:

“After facilitating a few of these powerful workshops, I found it life-changing. It’s so amazing to see kids open up and share what’s in their hearts when there are no rules or right or wrong answers. For many of these kids, feeling heard and understood is so important to them and in this supportive environment, they are encouraged to be their authentic selves. It is such a rewarding experience that I feel like I have found my life purpose and I look forward to continuing my outreach and volunteerism with Free2Luv,” says Suthers.

Lauren has also been awarded a BE INSPIRED Disney Citizenship grant through Youth Service America for her volunteerism with Free2Luv.

Congratulations, Lauren on this well-deserved honor. Thank you for sharing your big heart with our movement.