Bullying Hurts PSA Debuts at C&C Teen Hollywood Film Festival

We’re so proud of the beautiful, young talent in our organization committed to creating a brighter future for ALL youth! A big thank you to Jasmine Gonzalez creating this powerful story showing how hurtful our words can be and to the amazing singer/songwriter Maddy Vance for our beautiful anthem, Crashing Down.

We’re delighted that this PSA is being featured at C&C Teen Hollywood Film Festival to shed light on this epidemic. Presenters include Antonio Jaramillo from Shades of Blue, Julius Tennon & Academy Award Winner Viola Davis, and Oscar & Grammy Nominated Golden Globe Winner Slikk Muzik. The C&C Teen Hollywood Film Festival’s purpose is to give budding filmmakers an opportunity to showcase their work, and young entrepreneurs an opportunity to hone their skills as aspiring businessmen and women.