Meet Gabbie Rae, a 16 year old vocal prodigy with plans to take over today’s rock world.  This multi-talented teen is passionate about music AND making the world a better place for youth.


We recently had an opportunity to sit down with one of our favorite rockers and can’t wait to share this exclusive interview with you. You’ll see why we love her so!

If you could travel into any musical time or place, where would you go and why?

I think I would travel back to the 80s. Most of my favorite songs and artists are from that time. I would love to experience it for myself with the big hair and cray cray leather pants!

If you could invite 5 people to dinner (present or past) who would they be?

I would have to invite my inspirations through the years. Heart ( Ann and Nancy Wilson), Michael Sweet and the late Ronnie James Dio would totally be on that list. Sandra Bullock is someone who I’ve always looked up to so she would have an invite, and let’s not forget my celebrity crush Jimmy Fallon!

Do you have any hidden talents, hobbies or interests?

When I’m not working on music I love doing what I can to help out the animals. I adore my furry friends!!

What is your favorite highlight/moment in your music career thus far?

There are so many things that have been happening for my career lately. Me and my partner in crime Patrick Kennison covered Ronnie James Dios’ hit Rainbow in the Dark. It was picked up by the Dio foundation and they have been sharing it on the official Facebook and they have given the video continued praise. We are so grateful! That opened up a lot of doors for us. We were added to the lineup for the Monsters of Rock Cruise! We had such a great time rocking out with legendary bands like Cinderella and Tesla. Patrick and I have also opened up for Dizzy Reed (Guns N Roses) and Alex Grossi (Quiet Riot) at The Viper Room and we will be performing at the Whisky a Go Go with Stryper! The next step for us is to get some original material out there. Patrick and I have been constantly in the studio working on originals and it’s been so awesome! The music defines me. I hope it gives everyone chills like it does to me. There’s a lot of highlights in my career right now!

What’s your favorite part of performing?

I love how much performing live makes me feel. It’s such an adrenaline rush. The best though is performing with my band. We feed energy off of each other and it’s the best. I also love looking out in the audience and seeing everyone having a great time. It’s what I live for!

What’s your ‘go to’ shower song?

I love listening to Broadway so I usually sing lots and lots of Broadway in the shower!

What message do you want to share through your music?

Nothing is impossible. I am only 16 and I have done so much already and I know that it’s only going to go up from here. I want everyone to be reminded when they hear my music that even the biggest dreams are possible.

What would you say to someone going through a rough time?

I think when you are going through a rough patch you feel like you’re stuck in this deep hole and you can’t climb out. It’s really scary. The best advice I could give is that you need to push all of the doubt out of your mind and believe that you will make it through whatever it is that you may be going through and you will come out stronger.

Just for fun … fill in the blanks!

Without music, I would be lost.

Music is my everything.

Life is full of opportunities.

How are you rocking your voice for good?

It’s super important to write songs that have special meaning. My goal is to write songs about spreading love around the world and to hopefully spread this message every way possible.