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Low self-esteem can be devastating to youth, teens, and young adults. In response to this issue, Free2Luv has created the Free2BeMe Project, an initiative and visual storytelling experience created to empower participants by sharing their stories through art. Through this creative experience, participants gain self-awareness, connect with others, and realize they are not alone.


When an entire classroom or group of youth create their hearts together, it’s truly powerful. Here’s a look at their art and their pride.


We invite you to express yourself and be part of our virtual heart art gallery. Think of this project as a visual art diary … nothing is off limits. Here are some questions that may inspire your creativity:

How do I feel about myself? How do I feel about the world around me? What matters to ME? What if anything were possible? Who would I be?

Let your creativity flow. Feel free to print the heart below or create your own. When your heart art is complete, take a photo and send it to us.  All portraits are shared anonymously to create a safe space for all. 

We thank you for sharing your heart with us.


“This project made me feel happy, calm and proud. I liked that it was judgment-free and we got to say how we felt. It inspired me to inspire other people. This was an awesome experience!” ~ 13 year old

“I felt really safe and happy while doing this project. I especially liked how we work together. It felt great to put my feelings on my heart.” ~ 17 year old

“This project helped me think about caring about myself.” ~ 11 year old

“I’m normally quite shy and consider myself an introvert. This project was a great way for me to open up and express myself.” ~ 18 year old

“This project inspired me to think outside the box and see the bigger picture in our society.” ~ 17 year old

“This project made me think about life. It inspired me to be strong and not to let things around me define who I am.” ~ 16 year old

“Since our participation with Free2Luv’s Free2BeME project, we have noticed a change in our young ladies’ attitudes and self-confidence, in a positive way. The girls have shown more leadership at the Community Center and at school. They are nicer to each other and they seem to show more respect toward each other. Through Free2Luv’s mentorship training program, they were given the opportunity to share what they learned in a teaching capacity when they co-facilitated Free2BeME workshops with several different groups. It was awesome to watch them teach, learn and grow from this experience.” ~ Community Center Director