“The heart is the source of all knowledge” Look within.  What’s in YOUR heart?

The Free2BeME Project is a visual art diary experience that takes youth on a journey of self-discovery as they explore their identity and find the commonality in our humanity.   

In hands-on, interactive workshops, youth create their very own heart art as they reflect on thought-provoking questions  How do I feel about myself?  How do I feel about the world around me?  What matters to ME? What if anything were possible?  Who would I be?  Through these questions, heart art is born.

With over 160,000 youth staying home from bullying every day due to bullying and 85% suffering from low self-esteem, the Free2BeME Project was created to empower youth by sharing their stories through art.

Art is a universal language that enables us to see the world and the human condition differently.  It allows us to heal and to see a truth we might not have understood before.  We know the transformational effect art can have on children; it boosts their confidence and empowers them to communicate and express sensitive issues.

The Free2BeME Project develops and promotes pro-social friendships, builds strong interpersonal skills, and increases personal self-esteem.  Participants discover the impact of their inner thoughts and self-talk and realize that when they change their words, they can change their world. 

We invite youth to bravely explore their humanity by sharing their story through art. Through this creative experience, youth connect with others and realize they are not alone.

Your vision becomes clear when you look inside your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens. Carl Jung