We are passionate about utilizing music to empower, uplift and raise youth’s self-esteem. When you download any of the official Free2Luv music featured here, you are supporting our community outreach and allowing more youth to be touched and healed by music and the arts.



Youth Advocates and all girl funk band, The Change has created a powerful empowerment anthem for Free2Luv titled ‘Be The Change’. 

“I need you to take a stand, I need you to spread the love, I need you to remember that it’s not our job to judge. I need you to stay the course, don’t you ever give up and I need you to remember that change has to begin with us. So don’t compete, I need you to empower others. I need you to remember we are all sisters and brothers, I need you to join hands, together as one. We are The Change, Free2Luv”



Singer/songwriter and Youth Advocate Maddy Vance has penned a powerful anti-bullying anthem for Free2Luv titled ‘Crashing Down’. Her moving and relatable lyrics speak to youth and remind them they are not alone.

“It’s organizations like Free2Luv that truly do change the world with their words and actions. Kindness is something that we all deserve to feel, and I am lucky to be a part of something that radiates this much love. I wrote this song to help end bullying. No matter how many people try to tear you down, you need to stay strong., ” says Vance.



The Free2Luv Anthem is an upbeat dance tune written by award-winning hip hop artist, Saidat and performed by Saidat and Celeb Ambassador and vocal powerhouse, Gabbie Rae.  This song celebrates everyone’s individuality and freedom to love both themselves and others.

“Drop the chains of hate, hate barricades, you and I can save the day.”



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