Host a Free2BeME workshop and let’s bring personal stories to life through art!

Art is a universal language that enables us to see the world and the human condition differently.  It allows us to heal and to see a truth we might not have understood before.  We know the transformational effect art can have on children; it boosts their confidence and empowers them to communicate and express sensitive issues. 

Join us on an interactive journey of self-discovery as we invite youth to bravely explore their humanity by sharing their story through art. Through this experience, youth develop pro-social friendships, build strong interpersonal skills, and increase their personal self-esteem as they become more self-aware.  Participants discover the impact of their inner thoughts and self-talk and realize that when they change their words, they can change their world.  

Email us today and let’s get started.  We can’t wait to be on a journey of self-discovery with you.