Free2Luv Partners with MTV for Mental Health

Free2Luv Celebrates ‘Connection Through Expression’ For Mental Health Awareness Month


In response to the global mental health crisis, Free2Luv® and MTV Entertainment Group, in partnership with 2,300 brands, nonprofits, and cultural leaders around the globe, are hosting the 4th annual Mental Health Action Day on Thursday, May 16, 2024, to move the mental health conversation from awareness to action.

We are proud to be a Founding Partner of this movement, and thank you for joining your voice with ours to shine a spotlight on our collective mental wellness.

Free2Luv is creating a school-wide mental health community event titled ‘Connection Through Expression’ for middle and high schoolers incorporating  A.S.K. – ACKNOWLEDGE, SUPPORT, KEEP IN TOUCH – a principle that shares how teens can collectively care for each other’s well-being in a safe and supportive way. The program incorporates conversations around the A.S.K. principle, a prompt-based art project from Free2Luv’s creative expression art journal (created by mental health professionals, child psychologists, and teens), and interactive community art murals promoting peer-to-peer engagement. Completed community murals will then be publicly displayed to continue the conversation and encourage action.

Free2Luv is also teaming up with content creators and gaming industry professionals for a four-hour live stream, ‘Making Waves for Mental Health,’ hosted by content creator and mental wellness advocate TheMayhemMermaid. This interactive stream incorporates a wide range of activities, including a roundtable discussion, artistic showcases, and creative insights and tips to improve mental wellness. VIEW HERE 3 – 7 pm PT.

The campaign also features a national mental health activity book GIVEAWAY to support your mental health through creative expression. Anyone in the U.S. who reaches out to Free2Luv on May 16th through social media, our website, or email will receive a copy of EXPRESS IT! free of charge.

“Our goal is to create impactful experiences where the arts and conversation collide to promote self-love and self-care, end the stigma around mental health, and remind people that asking for help can be lifesaving,” says Founder Tonya Sandis. “No matter where you are on your mental health journey, use this space and time to take empowered action toward a healthier and freer YOU!”

Mental illness is at an all-time high. Our youth are suffering right now, and there cannot be enough voices raised to support them. We encourage you to take action. It could be scheduling regular check-ins with the youth in your life. We want everyone to realize that a small action can make a big difference. As a society, we need to normalize asking for help and let youth know that doing so is truly a sign of strength. We want them to know they are not invisible; we see them, and there is strength in our connection. We’re on this mental wellness journey together.

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