PRIDE: Living My Best Life Without Fear

To me, pride means I MUST live my BEST life without FEAR of ANYTHING. It means I must conquer anything in my inner space that is keeping me from becoming my best self so I can ignore and outperform the haters every single time. It means early mornings and meditation when my eyes are heavy and an extra effort into my appearance, not for vanity’s sake but for pride of self. It means not only not stopping when I’m tired but pushing through that much harder. Because one day??? I WILL be able to have the huge impact I dream of because I’m putting in the work TODAY. PRIDE to me means being a great role model (even though I might swear in proper company), and making sure that NO ONE feels inferior. It means acknowledging that we ALL suffer in life and to never paint someone a villain for the sake of their actions.  Listen, louder than I speak.

Pride acknowledges a true love of self and the human soul. To have pride is to recognize that no one is superior nor inferior, we are simply here to love and live with our own individual journeys. It is to have the roar of a lion to defend those whose voice is not quite loud enough to be heard, and, to have the warm heart of a Golden Retriever to have empathy towards even the toughest of adversaries. There is so much to do and so much more I need to accomplish and better myself with and I know this…but I REFUSE to quit until I get there. I REFUSE to slow down until I know I can say I’ve done my best.  This is absolutely going to happen in our lifetime. THANK YOU SO MUCH FREE2LUV FOR ALL THAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!! #cantstopwontstop

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Contributed by composer/instrumentalist Avi Garvin @altruistmusicus

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take a stand to spread luv and end bullying

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