The Magic Carpet Project ~ A Celebration of Diversity

We are really excited to share this beautiful project promoting the diversity of beauty, body acceptance and self love!  The super talented and passionate Amanda Valentine of Redrum Collaboration traveled the country shooting images of women and feminine beauties (including transgender) against the same roll out rug.

What came from her journey is a gorgeous limited edition table top book featuring 80 awesome self-identified women; creating a tribute and celebration of ALL beauty.  Amanda is generously donating the proceeds of her beautiful new project, The Magic Carpet Project to Free2Luv.  CLICK HERE

Here’s a sneak peek …

The purpose behind the roll out rug is to showcase a wide variety of beauty against one consistent background … with hopes doing so will promote the diversity of beauty and self love!

“My goal is to open the eyes of each ‘beholder’ and promote love and compassion. To open the eyes of those who need to truly see themselves as beautiful, valuable beings of light. To help encourage those who walk with their head hung low in attempt to be invisible to the harshness of others to *lift their chins* and walk with their heads held high. And to find a way to boost the self esteem of those with such sharp tongues… to help them find themselves and their value on this planet so that they don’t continue to perpetuate hate in attempt to lift themselves up. And I think the love, acceptance and awareness that Free2Luv promotes is a great way to get important conversations started… with our children… and with each other. To prevent even just one being’s eyes from filling up with tears and feeling worthless at the expense of bullying will make the year I have invested in this project so far completely worth it. To open the eyes of just one child who doesn’t fit the cookie-cutter standards of beauty in today’s world and have them say, ‘I could do that. I could be a model. That girl looks just like me when I grow up!’… every second, every time that carpet knocked me over when trying to move it, every pound of gear lugged…. worth it”, says Valentine.