Free2Luv Presents Tour De Force Anti-Bullying Cirque Performance

TOUR DE FORCE Anti-Bullying Cirque Performance

Free2Luv® in association with the Las Vegas-Clark County Library District and Summerlin Library and Performing Arts Center is excited to share the huge success of TOUR DE FORCE, a bullying and suicide prevention cirque production we brought to Vegas.

What happens when young professional cirque artists collide with powerful music and impactful storytelling?


In this musical cirque spectacle, the audience  embarked on a magical journey of self-discovery where self-doubt and pain from bullying turned into power and unstoppable strength. This five-act production followed the performers through emotional turbulence and triumphs from doubt to chaos to hope to unity to rise.

With acrobatics and high flying fun on the ground and in the air, this thought-provoking performance moved, inspired, and engaged 4 sold out  audiences reaching over 1,250 youth and their families. The response we received was overwhelming, with many attending multiple shows.

The production was also incredibly well-received by Vegas media with TV interviews with our talent. Check out these awesome interviews here:

The Arts Provide a Creative Way to Stand Up to Bullying

Radiant spirits and cheerful voices are often overcome by the deafening noise and tortuous realities of bullying. The bullying epidemic continues to plague our youth with over 160,000 students staying home from school every day due to bullying. Suicide is now a leading cause of death among youth ages 12 -18 with Nevada ranking 7th in the nation in 2018.

Free2Luv believes the solution lies in self-empowerment and utilizes the arts, both visual and performing, to uplift, engage, and heal youth.

“The purpose of our storytelling is to let our youth know that even when they are struggling, they are not alone. We encourage them to reach out in times of darkness. There is no weakness in asking for help. In fact, it’s a sign of strength. These performances are dedicated to our Honorary Youth Advocate, Blaine who at 10 years old felt the only answer was ending his life. With messages and performances like this, if we can reach one child struggling, we know it can be life-changing,” says Tonya Sandis, Founder of Free2Luv. “When youth feel supported, embraced and empowered to be their authentic selves, we are able to create real change. We’re proud to be a resource center for youth to start conversations, build confidence, and become difference makers in their communities.”

This event was made free to the public by the generosity of our Presenting Partners Las Vegas-Clark County Library District, Free2Luv, and Zappos.

A big shout-out and thank you to all of the talented and dedicated artists, crew, and sponsors who made this production possible. It was truly a collaborative effort of LUV.

Key Cast:

Teen actor Chris Edward Garcia, known for Legacy, Samoan Gold, and We All We Got, stars in TOUR DE FORCE as a young man struggling with bullying and depression.

Miah Green is an aerialist, actress, and model from Las Vegas, Nevada who has performed aerials all over the U.S. For the past 3 years, Miah has walked the runway at NYFW and LAFW, including modeling for major clothing brands.

Jocelyn Hunt is a 12-year-old circus artist from Las Vegas, Nevada who has performed with Cirque Du Soleil’s One Night for One Drop, Free2Luv’s TOUR DE FORCE, Utah Film Awards and Circus Couture’s 10-year anniversary charity event.

To learn how you can support youth struggling with bullying or self-harm, click here.


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