3 Ways to Combat Cyberbullying

Over 50% of teens and adolescents have experienced cyberbullying. A staggering statistic. Today, I’d like to delve deeper into our state of mind and emotions around something that has become an epidemic in the world of new technology. I will do this by looking at three things and chaining them together – self-belief, how to control emotion, and lastly, positivity and how it improves your skill to cope with cyberbullying. The goal is to help you establish a wall between you and the person trying to affect your life.


One of the most powerful things in the world is believing in one’s ability to perform particular tasks. Think about the time and effort you put into doing something. As a guitar player, the more you understand and play your instrument, the greater the chance you have of making beautiful music. You spend hours learning the different notes and how they harmonize together, your dedication to making mistakes until you get it right. It shows when you pour blood sweat and tears into the very cords that make up your guitar. While, being faced with the moments where you wanted to quit and move on because you think you not good enough when you built the courage to come back, and finally making your very first instrumental piece. All of this, a huge rollercoaster ride that you know you have to restart all over.

I tell you this not to discourage you. I tell you this to show you all the work you put into your craft, and then I have a question for you. Are you going to tell me you did not believe in yourself? Are you going to let all the work and time spent on your craft be crumbled when someone is negative towards you? You can’t allow the negativity of others to break your spirit, because the truth is you do believe in yourself; look at the work you put in. If you still don’t believe in yourself, the best way to solve this is to apply yourself in an area you find enjoyable and stay confident. How do you stay positive? I’m glad you asked. It starts with learning to control your emotions…

Control your emotions

As stated in Cyberbullying: What You Need to Know if You’re Being Cyberbullied think before you send something. Even if it’s not hurtful, it may impact the other person’s life in an unknown way that you cannot foresee. I would like to expand on this idea a little further because emotional responses are so explosive. It’s always better to step away from the scenario, disengage and give yourself some time to think. This not only enforces the control of emotions, but it helps you assess the situation from an objective standpoint where you are calm and collected.

In an article written by Dr. Carmen Harra titled “6 Steps to Controlling Your Emotions” she states “Wisdom means being able to see past the moment and discern the greater meaning of any given situation.” Powerful words that hold true to their meaning. Hindsight is always 20/20, but why should it always be after the events play out? Why can’t the reflection come before the action? We are not always able to see that we need to reflect on the situation before acting out so we can practice doing this by finding a healthy outlet. You could do this by speaking to a friend or someone you trust and recalling the events. This allows you to get another person’s opinion and point of view. This brings us to the effects of positivity.

Power of Positivity

There is an article by the name of “3 Powerful Ways to Stay Positive” written by Travis Bradberry, PH.D. that brings up a very powerful way to gain an optimistic mindset. The process is called cultivating an attitude of gratitude. Essentially, when things become pessimistic or negative in your life, use that as a trigger to get your mind thinking about positive elements in your life.

What are you grateful for? Who are you grateful for? A success or accomplishment you received … all of these encourage optimistic thinking. There is also a theory of habit that states if a person does an activity for 21 days it becomes habitual in nature. The science is not exact, however; the concept still holds – after doing something for a long period of time it has a greater chance of becoming habitual. So, when dealing with negativity or harassment online, take your mind and move it to encouraging thoughts. It will help you reduce stress in your life and allow you to react with a calm mind.

In sum, there is a lot of negativity out there online, but not all hope is lost. There is indeed a way to combat the effects of cyberbullying. Remember, believe in who you are because you are so much more than you give yourself credit for. Learn to control those powerful emotions that make you lash out and retaliate in the wrong way, and lastly, remain confident because having a positive mind means you will have a productive vibe in life.

For additional resources, check out Cyberbullying: What You Need to Know if You’re Being Cyberbullied.

Contributed by Free2Luv Advocate Michael Scotten

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Cyberbullying: What You Need To Know If You’re Being Cyberbullied

Ask yourself: Have you ever been a victim of cyberbullying, or have you ever cyberbullied someone?

Cyberbullying is a form of bullying or harassment that happens online, via text, on social media, and in apps. This is all away from your physical space. Since cyberbullying occurs in electronic form, you may not always know the person on the other end of that comment.

According to a study by the Cyberbullying Research Center, approximately 34 percent of the students have experienced cyberbullying in their lifetimes. What’s more, 12 percent admitted to cyberbullying. From hurtful comments to gossip and rumors, this is a behavior that has the power to impact the lives of people on both sides of the screen.

If you’ve felt hurt by the words of others online, or if you’ve hit send without thinking about the recipient of your message, keep reading.

Cyberbullying Impact

Are you being cyberbullied?

If you happen to be the victim of hurtful comments, actions, or gossip, remember you have the power to control how you react. While words can hurt, take a minute to think about who they are coming from and don’t let this person hold the power of your self-esteem and self-confidence over you. Block the person, log-off, call a friend, or find a community where you can feel safe and empowered.  

Here are five tips to help protect yourself from cyberbullying:

  • Reach out and let someone know what you are experiencing. There is always help.
  • Block the person. You have the power not to engage.
  • Report harassing comments, fake profiles, or inappropriate photos. Social media sites have ways of reporting harassing content. You have a right to feel safe in these spaces.
  • Never share your passwords, private photos, or personal data (such as address or phone number) online, not even with friends.
  • Remember if someone is bullying you, know that their actions are not about you. They may be suffering from low self-esteem, being bullied themselves, or acting out for attention.

Have you ever cyberbullied?

Maybe you haven’t been on the receiving end of cyberbullying, but have you ever spread a negative message about someone or a group online? If so, you’re engaging in the act of cyberbullying. Even if it is a “small” comment or you’re retweeting a rumor, it still has an impact.

Here are three ways to stop cyberbullying:

  • Think before you hit “send.” Even if you think something may not be hurtful, pause for a moment to consider how the person on the other end may feel after receiving it.
  • Put yourself in the other person’s shoes. How would you feel if someone was commenting on your looks, your sexuality, or your lifestyle? The answer is probably not great.
  • Log off. Spend some time offline and get involved with your school, community, or organization that you care about joining. It is all about finding something positive to enjoy in your free time.

Read more as we delve deeper into our state of mind and emotions around cyberbullying, something that has become an epidemic in the world of new technology.

Want to stand up to cyberbullying? Join the Free2Luv movement and use your voice to uplift and inspire. Change begins with each of us.

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