The Power of Love

“What we see in others we are strengthening in ourselves.”

Hatred begets hatred. Period. There are no exceptions to this rule. By bullying someone who is bullying we have a world with MORE bullies, not less.


Hatred can only be dissolved through love. Hate and love cannot reside in the same space. When you choose to hate, you activate the hatred inside yourself. Hatred lowers your immune system, raises blood pressure and floods your body with chemicals that harm your physical body.

Hatred is a choice.

If we want to heal the world, make it a better place for our children, ourselves and everyone else in it, we must operate through love.

Under anger is hurt and under hurt is where love resides. We must move THROUGH the anger, experience the vulnerability of the hurt and the pain and then into the love if we want anything to heal. And we must heal ourselves in order to heal the world. It’s always an inside job first. Then we can actually affect change in this world.

The only thing that has ever healed anything is LOVE. Healing is the act of applying love to hurt. It takes true strength to find compassion for someone who doesn’t appear to deserve it. If we stand for love and in love, we cannot condone bullying of any sort.

When we attack others, we attack ourselves. Compassion activates more compassion.

Every person bullying was once bullied by someone else. That’s how they learned it. Perpetuating the cycle of bullying is ineffective in resolving the problem.

The problem and the solution are not found in the same vibrational space. All solutions come quicker when compassion is in the mix.

Today, I challenge everyone to lay down one grievance. Just let it go. …and then replace it with compassion. Each of us was once a small, innocent child that just wanted to be loved. With love, we can minimize bullying.

This I know for sure. If every person on the planet decided to spend 10 minutes sending someone love instead of hate today, they would behave differently tomorrow.

Contributed by child development specialist, Angelina Hart


Take a stand to spread luv and end bullying

take a stand to spread luv and end bullying

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