3 Ways to Become Fearless

“I’m afraid.” These are words often heard but ignored. Fear can come from insecurities, but where do insecurities come from? For many people, insecurities come from comparing themselves to others and thinking the others have a better or easier life.

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UNSTOPPABLE Women Empowerment Film

What happens when 50 diverse, powerful women come together to share their hopes, dreams, imperfections, resilience and unapologetic perfect selves? UNSTOPPABLE Women empowerment Film We are collectively stronger when we embrace our uniqueness and diversity. Here’s to all of the

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The Power of Love

“What we see in others we are strengthening in ourselves.” Hatred begets hatred. Period. There are no exceptions to this rule. By bullying someone who is bullying we have a world with MORE bullies, not less. YOU CANNOT HATE AWAY

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